My name is Serge Seymour. For those of you who have never heard of me here's a brief outline of my background....

I am a 75 year old artist living in Thailand. For most of these 75 years I have been working as a Photographic Artist selling my pictures. I come from a long line of artists and I am married to one, Sandra Childs Seymour. My father Maurice Seymour was famous for his portraits of Show Business and Ballet Performers, my uncle was a photographer as well, another uncle, Raymond Breinen was an oil painter and sculpter in the WPA era, my mother was a sculptrist and my brother Ron is a photographer and I have a cousin Danny, who was famous for at least twenty minutes of his short life for a film that involves 20 minutes of a fly walking through a woman's pubic hair and for knowing and being friends with John and Yoko.

When I moved to Thailand eight years ago it became impossible for me to work in a wet darkroom as there were no materials or chemicals available here for the type of images I create. Reluctantly, I turned my computer into a darkroom with many imaging programs and I began again. I LOVE MY DIGITAL DARKROOM! This is by far the best darkroom I have ever had. Besides that, I had been experimenting with Black and White Photography and felt I had pushed it to it's limit and now the digital programs are allowing me to go even further.

I will post pictures as soon as things are up and running correctly. Some problems right now with the blogspot. More later.......SERGE SEYMOUR

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Janet said...

Serge, I have fallen in love with your work and glad to see the beauty of color. Please email me so that I might know how to purchase a piece or two.
Janet Lawrence